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Inconspicuously fit in the bottom bracket, the 250 W Bafang motor amplifies gear shifting and speed control. Light, stealthy and chosen for its mountain cycling power, the motor has a torque sensor for smooth acceleration and provides better weight distribution. The ultimate choice for uneven terrains.

Peak Power

Dependable Power

Battery power and range

460 Wh

Up to 60 miles

5,9 lb


Our powerful li-ion battery boasts 60 miles of range and fully charges in just 7 hours (4 hours with a Super Charger). Each battery is assembled in-house to ensure top quality and performance. Batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into the bike frame and are removable for easy charging or transport.

Econic One Element

Our frame-mounted IoT device takes your ride to the next level. Connect to the IoT easily via your phone, using the Econic One application, and gather vital stats on your rides: speed, distance and routes. Track and share with fellow bikers!



Our fork and frames are made from the same tough corrosion resistant aluminum alloy used in water vessels and motorbikes. This strong and light material easily accommodates a basket or rack for extra luggage and can carry up to 253 lb (including weight of rider and luggage).

Tested. Fully set. From bikers to bikers.

At Econic One, we hand-assemble every bicycle with utmost care and attention to detail. We personally fit and test every e-bike before it reaches your hands. Assembly is quick and typically takes less than 30 minutes.

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