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Smart Bikes
Packed with Cool Tech.

Keep your bike safe from your mobile device. Share your bike with friends without worry.

Smart Lock & Remote access

Easy Control

Full control at your fingertips: arm and disarm your bike from our mobile app. Even if you’re not near the bike.

Take action

Instant in-app notifications if someone tries to steal your bike.

GPS Location

Locate your bike

Forgot where you left your bike? Did it go missing? GPS location will pinpoint the exact location of your ride.

Bike Sharing

Sharing your bike with friends or family is easy through our mobile app.

Share your bike, wherever you are

Let friends use your Econic One at any time, even when you’re away from the bike. It takes just a few taps in our mobile app.

Don’t lose sight of your bike

Keep an eye on your bike, even if you’ve shared it with someone. You’ll still be able to track and locate the bike, and receive alarm notifications.

Econic One Smart E-bikes

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