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Our Bike

A standard bike will let you discover your limitations, Econic One will assist you to go beyond them. The electrical system of our bikes detects motion and triggers the motor. It gives you the ability to go further quicker, easier and in style. If you are more into challenging yourself and putting some efforts in, you can still switch off the motor and you will have the classic riding experience.

Choose a combination that will match your ideal ride! You can select riding occasion, color, frame size and accessories to go with your bike - rack, mudguards, front light, kickstand and extra chargers.

Depending on your lifestyle and terrain where you ride, you can select one of three options:
- XC
Off-road trails and mountain rides - suitable for trail riding and exploring service roads while still being fast on the road around town.
- Urban
Urban rides and nature escapes - the perfect balance between urban ride, dirt paths and gravel adventures.
- Urban Light
Comfortable and fast city rides - best suited for the everyday urban lifestyle. Ride freely through the city in comfort and style! The large tires will let you explore the city any dirt roads you come across.

Our Comfort model comes in two sizes:
- M size for riders who are up to 5'8" tall
- L size for riders who are 5'8" to 6'2" tall
Our Urban and Cross Country bikes come in three sizes:
- M size for riders who are up to 5'8" tall
- L size for riders who are 5'8" to 6'2" tall
- XL size for riders who are 6'1" to 6'6" tall

The optimal performance of the 500Wh battery will last up to 80 miles, whereas the 360Wh battery has a range of up to 50 miles. This range is calculated given the best circumstances possible and it is the maximum range on a single charge.

Our chargers allows you to charge the battery two different ways - One option is to remove the battery from the bike; connect it to the charger and plug the charger into a wall outlet. The other, more convenient, option is to charge the battery while it is still on the bike. Give it up to four hours and you are ready to roll.

Ordering Process

We offer our bicycles in a wide selection of stores, the complete list of which can be seen HERE.
We also offer online shopping options in shop section of our website or click HERE. You can have it shipped directly to your door or to a partner shop for professional assembly.

Use the locator on our site to discover a location closest to you. We monitor the stocks in the outlets, so if you are interested in a specific model, you can write to us and we will let you know where your preferred model is available.

Visit our online store HERE and find your new e-bike. Select the desired product, add it to your cart and then click the cart icon. You will be taken to the checkout page where you need to add the required information. You can then initiate the checkout and select your preferred payment method.

You can build your own bike using the Product Builder HERE. In this case just follow the simple steps and select your preferred combination. Then add it to your cart and follow the same process.

Financing option

You can choose to pay on your own terms with guaranteed 0% interest and no extra hussle. Just choose Splitit as a payment method at checkout and select the desired number of payments you are comfortable with. There are no applications or credit checks, and you continue to earn your points and rewards on your card.

To be eligible, you must own a VISA or MasterCard credit card and have the entire amount of your purchase available on your card.
After we confirm the purchase you will only be charged for the first payment. The entire amount will be held on your card as a temporary hold, and released within 5 business days. Splitit will not charge you interests or fees. Other charges may apply from your credit card issuer.

Delivery & Returns

Shipping an e-bike costs $150.00. Shipping bicycle accessories costs $14.99.

In the box you will find your electric bicycle fitted with the rear wheel, also the quick release skewer, the front wheel, pedals, charger, battery keys, seat post and multitool. We have also prepared for you a short assembly guide and, of course, the warranty for your E-Bike.

The dimensions of the box are 175cm х23cm х 82cm (70in x 10in x 33in). The weight depends on the model and accessories you have chosen. Normally the package is around 30kg/66 lbs.


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