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Key Features
Bike Components
Frame Geometry in mm/°

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Maintenance-free rear-hub motor

No matter your route, experience the extra push coming from the hub motor, mounted in the back wheel. Smoothly accelerating and barely humming, this rear motor will let you feel the rush of wind and conquer the hills with ease.

600 W
Peak Power

20 mph
Assisted Speed

Light removable battery

36V, 360Wh

Up to 60 miles

3.9 lbs

Our powerful li-ion battery boasts 60 miles of range and fully charges in just 7 hours (4 hours with a Super Charger). Each battery is assembled in-house to ensure top quality and performance. Batteries are designed to seamlessly integrate into the bike frame and are removable for easy charging or transport.


This e-bike built from the ground up for comfort. The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and fork make it incredibly easy to lift and handle. The sleek step-through frame design allows for easy access for all users. The tapered rigid fork is lightweight and requires no maintenance.

Hydraulic brake system

Rear rack

Slim, strong and lightweight, the rear rack boasts a 25 kg carrying capacity and comes pre-installed and has an integrated taillight.

Tested. Fully set. From bikers to bikers.

At Econic One, we hand-assemble every bicycle with utmost care and attention to detail. We personally fit and test every e-bike before it reaches your hands. Assembly is quick and typically takes less than 30 minutes.

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